Shogun - Total War - Gold Edition

Shogun - Total War - Gold Edition 1.0

Shogun TW Gold Editions brings more features to an already great game
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Shogun: Total War is the game that revolutionized the way real-time strategy games were made, and it has spawned a wide array of sequels. Shogun is set in feudal Japan, where rival warlords fight for supremacy of the country. You are one of those warlords and you have to combine turn-based macro management with real time battle strategy. The game was received extremely well, so the developers created the ultimate expansion pack: the Gold Edition.
The Gold edition includes the Mongol Pack, which is set during the times of the Mongol invasion to Japan, you can either conquer Japan as a Mongol, or defend your land from the barbarian invasions. The Gold edition also includes 10 new different unit types: Battlefield Ninja (really fun to use), Naginata Cavalry, Kensai (the coolest unit in the game), Mongol Heavy Cavalry, Mongol Light Cavalry, Korean Guardsmen, Korean Skirmishers, Ashigaru Crossbowmen, Thunder Bombers, Korean Spearmen.
If you are a fan of the newer games of the series, and you can't get enough of Total War, then you should buy Shogun Gold Edition now.

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